LONG Overdue Smokey Update!

Heads up everyone! We are back online at long last with a brand new (s)wanky website – thanks to our good friend Dunc at Downfall 24 for tarting it all up for us 🙂

The past half a year has been a manic one for us – with remaining band members finishing Uni at last, parting ways with our drummer of 3 years and friend of many more than that, Peter Marks – then gaining new drummer and newest family member Fred Marsh – Allen, completing our first European tour and working on our 5th studio release, we’ve been pretty snowed under!

Also, you can now check out our brand new video for the track ‘Seasons’ taken from our 2011 album ‘The Human Condition’ – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tN4uylggUzA – Please head to our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/smokescreenuk and join the SS Army – Mailing list up very soon and the new shop is live now too – feast your eyes on the new array of Smokey goodies.

More info and gig dates very soon everyone – thanks for sticking by us and supporting Smokescreen through thick and thin – there’s a lot more to come from us very soon!